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Cuddle Zoo Plush Tree Frogs
Children will love to bring the rain forest home with this new collection of plush tree frogs! Each frog is made from extremely soft high-quality plush and all feature colorful, realistic markings!
7" long, 6 assorted styles
Item# WT-CZTF1
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Cuddle Zoo Plush Snakes
These impressive 58-inch long snakes are designed to resemble a coral snake, spotted bush snake, green tree boa, king snake and a python. Made using colorful super-soft plush, everyone will want to get their hands on these adorable reptiles!
58" long, 5 assorted styles
Item# WT-CZSN1
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Cuddle Zoo Plush Frilled Lizard
This cute lizard is super realistic and features a scale-like patterned body with authentic spiked frill.
12" long
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Hoppin’ Frogs Game
Race to be the first one to get all your frogs into the bucket! Kids can use the bucket as a target to flip their frogs into or they can just have the frogs race each other as they let their fingers do the flipping! Game comes with 12 frogs in four colors and a reusable bucket for easy cleanup and storage.
Durable plastic, for 1-4 players
Item# WT-JFG
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Bubble Muncher
Kids will love to make this friendly insect gobble up bubbles big and small! The Bubble Muncher features four separate wands to create tons bubbles while the easy to use trigger opens and closes the Bubble Muncher mouth.
Item# LA-BBM
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Great for camping trips and wilderness expeditions, children will enjoy exploring the great outdoors with these durable binoculars! These lightweight, soft-grip binoculars make distant objects 4x larger, feature a convenient neck strap and come in assorted colors blue, green and purple.
3 assorted colors, 4x magnification
Item# WT-BIN
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Deluxe Magnifier with Compass
Discover an amazing miniature world with this deluxe magnifier! Includes compass for navigating. Props up on built-in stand for hands-free specimen study. Magnifies up to 14X!
2X, 4X, 10X, 14X magnification
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Microscope Set 23-pc
Junior scientists will love to explore the hidden wonders of the microscopic world with this high-quality microscope set! Each set includes a microscope with three-lens turret for 100x, 200x and 450x magnification, 1 prepared slide, 4 blank slides, 5 cover slips, 2 collecting vials and more! An educational experiment guide featuring a variety of easy activities is included with each set, along with an observation worksheet so children can log their findings.
Item# WT-MS
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Finger Fidgetz Wooden Puzzles
Finger Fidgetz are colorful puzzles that teach manual dexterity and problem solving. They are each 6” long and made of hard wood blocks that are strung together with heavy duty nylon elastic and painted with lead free non-toxic paint. They are easy to hold and perfect for little fingers to twist and play with, especially when traveling.

These are fun, addictive puzzles for all ages — every cash register needs a canister!
Item# WT-FF50
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Magic Sketcher
Hours of fun will be had with this cool, magnetic sketchpad. The Magic Sketcher includes: magic pen, magic eraser and 2 fantastic shaped stampers. It travels well with its convenient carry handle.
Durable plastic
Item# MO-MS
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Bath Time Buddies
These colorful animal replicas are just the right size for little hands and are perfect for fun in the tub!
10 to a display, 5 1/2” long, 18M+
15 to a display, 3” long, 18M+
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Lights & Sounds Caterpillar
This pull-along colorful caterpillar is a childhood favorite; it lights up and plays 16 different melodies.
Durable plastic in “try-me” packaging, 18M+
Item# MO-LSC
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Lights & Sounds Butterfly
Colorful flashing lights and 18 different songs bring this adorable butterfly to life.
Durable plastic in “try-me” packaging, 18M+
Item# MO-LSB
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Shape Sorting Puzzle Blocks
Each block is a shape sorter and a puzzle piece in one! Perfect for a young child's developing mind, this set allows little ones to sort shapes while building a puzzle that features friendly jungle animals. All 12 of the brightly colored blocks contain recognizable images and are designed for hours of color matching and stacking fun!
Durable plastic, 12M+
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Wooden Animal Train Set 7pc
Children will love this fun and colorful pull along giraffe, zebra and elephant train! This 7-piece set easily links with magnets and the animals are removable from the cargo cars.
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Super Locomotive Pullbacks
Kids will love these large classic steam locomotives! Each 12-piece display comes with engines in assorted colors that all have pull-back action with working side rails.
Diecast metal and plastic, 12 to a tray
Item# WT-LCD
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Musical Train Set, 12-pc
Toddlers will love to watch the driver move back and forth and the animals spin as this durable plastic train rolls along the track! The train plays 30 familiar children’s tunes and features realistic train sounds, a flashing light and animals that double as shape sorters in the carts.
Battery-operated, durable plastic, in “try-me packaging, 18M+
Item# NA-MTS1
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Musical Animal Train, Asst’d
These brightly colored trains feature dogs, ducks and cats and are a fun introduction to numbers, colors and shapes. Each train measures 5 inches long, has a flashing light and plays 10 familiar children’s songs.
Batteries included, "try-me" packaging, 3 assorted styles, 18M+
Item# NA-MAT
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Classic Train Set, 14-Piece
This is a great assortment of authentic battery-powered steam and diesel locomotives hauling a variety of cargo and passenger cars. Kids and train buffs alike will love the large, sturdy size of these trains as well as the realistic lights and sounds. Also included are the top ten railroading fun facts on back of packaging! Boxed sets feature convenient reusable carry cases!
This train set includes either a steam or diesel locomotive, a cargo or passenger car and 12 sections of curved track that connect to make a large 40” circle layout.
6 Assorted Styles, peggable
Item# WT-TR14
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Rocky Mountain Bump & Go Locomotive
Children will love to watch this jumbo locomotive chug around the room clickety clacking and tooting its horn; it rolls along the floor until it hits an obstacle, then it backs up and heads in a different direction! It features authentic locomotive horn, real working headlight, smoke and bump and go action!
Locomotive is 13"L x 4"W x 7.5"H, battery-operated
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