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Tumble Tree Timbers Building Set, 75-Piece
Children use their imagination to create, discover and learn while playing with this classic all-wood building set that is perfectly designed for little hands. This set allows children to build different deluxe cabins and cottages, or whatever other structures they can dream up!

Compatible with Lincoln Log brand building sets.
Item# WT-TT75
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Wooden Animal Train Set
Children will love this fun and colorful pull along giraffe, zebra and elephant train! This 7-piece set conveniently links with magnets and the animals are removable from the cargo cars.
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Passenger Express Train Set
Fun is waiting just down the tracks with this classic wooden Passenger Express Train! This set features a steam locomotive and coal tender with a passenger car and a classic red caboose. All pieces have magnetic couplings for connecting to other vehicles.
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Wooden Figure 8 Train Set
This 32-piece set features the classic black steam wooden engine along with a three car train and comes with buildings, signs, figures and lots more! Kids will love the figure 8 configuration, and the trains that link with magnets, plus the open cargo car lets kids haul freight too! Great beginner set!
Item# WT-WT32
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Engine Roundhouse
This wooden roundhouse has enough bays for up to four engines and the 4-way switching track allows the trains to come and go. The deluxe shed allows children to increase the number of adventures and scenarios and is an excellent addition to any wooden train set.
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Li’l Chugs Wooden Trains

All aboard — the Li’l Chugs Express has arrived! These trains are constructed of real wood and have magnetic connectors on the front and back to make it fun for kids to create many different combinations. Compatible with Thomas & Friends wooden train sets and Brio wooden train sets


Steam Locomotive and Tender Milk Freight Car
Item# WT-WT2PK Item# WT-WTF1
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Log Freight Car Diesel Locomotive
Item# WT-WTF2 Item# WT-WTL1
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Wooden Railway Train Tracks

A must-have accessory for wooden train sets, bulk track allows kids to use their imagination and expand their layouts!

These wooden railway products are compatible with Thomas the Tank, BRIO and other fine wooden railway systems.

Solid wood construction
Curved pieces are double-sided

Straight & Short Curve Assortment
24 to a display


3.25" Short Curve
24 to a display
4" Straight
24 to a display
Item# WT-WTTC Item# WT-WTT4
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Finger Fidgetz Canister, 50-Piece
Finger Fidgetz are colorful puzzles that teach manual dexterity and problem solving. They are each 6 long and made of hard wood blocks that are strung together with heavy duty nylon elastic and painted with lead free non-toxic paint. They are easy to hold and perfect for little fingers to twist and play with, especially when traveling.

These are fun, addictive puzzles for all ages every cash register needs a canister!

50-pc per canister
Item# WT-FF50
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Transformable Warriors Fidgetz
Constructed of hard wood blocks, these transformable Fidgetz can be shaped into warriors, vehicles and whatever else kids can dream up! Each convenient countertop display pictures construction ideas and features a colorful eye-catching assortment of Fidgetz.

30 to a display, 4.5" tall
Item# WT-FFT
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Waggling Dinosaurs
Meet the Wagglers! This unique assortment of wooden dinosaurs come brightly painted in realistic colors and feature moving heads and tails. Included are: Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Parasaurolophus and Spinosaurus. Sold in an assortment of 6.
Item# WT-WWD
Wooden Dinosaurs
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