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Scientists believe that the raptorís relatively small size and thin legs and allowed it to run at high speeds and jump large distances. The raptor stood on two feet using itís tail as a counterbalance which would have enabled very fast turns. The small nature of the raptor forced it to hunt in packs, like wolves. It would have eaten slower, plant eating animals and other herbivores using itís sharp, 4-inch claws to tear away at itís prey. The raptors is believed to have been one of the smartest dinosaurs.
HOW TO SAY IT: veh-loss-ih-RAP-tor
LENGTH: 6 ft 8 in (2.07 m)
HEIGHT: 4 - 5 ft (1.2 - 1.5 m)
WEIGHT: 35 - 45 lbs (15 - 20 kg)
PERIOD: Late Cretaceous Period (75 - 71 MYA)
FAMILY: Dromaeosauridae
DIET: Probably omnivorous - insects, small reptiles and mammals, fruit, eggs, seeds and leaves
WHERE FOUND: Outer Mongolian Gobi Desert/Inner Mongolia
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