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The name Brachiosaurus comes from the Greek words meaning ‘arm’ and ‘lizard’ because, unlike most other dinosaurs, the front legs of Brachiosaurus were longer than the hind legs. The Brachiosaurus is a type of dinosaur known as a Sauropod, which are famous for reaching incredible sizes. Other members of the Sauropod family include the Diplodocus and Apatosaurus. Paleontologists have identified only one complete Brachiosaurus skull.
HOW TO SAY IT: Brack-ee-owe-SORE-uss
LENGTH: 80 - 85 ft (24 - 26 m)
HEIGHT: 40 - 50 ft (12 - 16 m)
WEIGHT: 35 tons
PERIOD: Late Jurassic Period (156-145 MYA)
FAMILY: Brachiosauridae
DIET: Herbivore, plant eater
WHERE FOUND: Colorado, Africa, Europe
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