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Deluxe Cash Register Playset
This deluxe cash register playset includes everything that’s needed for realistic pretend store play! Features include a functioning calculator, chiming cash drawer, beeping scanner with light, pop-up payment sign that rings when pretend credit cards slide through, basket of groceries, play money and more! Kids will love to simulate a true grocery checkout experience! Teaches basic math through counting and number recognition as well as completing simple transactions.
Durable plastic, battery-operated
Item# WT-CRP1
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Grocery Basket
Kids can pretend they’re shopping at the grocer with this deluxe playset. It includes a handy plastic shopping basket and 24 pieces of colorful fruits and veggies.
Durable plastic
Item# MO-BFV
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Ice Cream Playset
Kids will love playing ice cream shop with this deluxe 10-pieceset. Hidden velcro on the pieces make it fun to create lots of play treats.
Durable plastic
Item# MO-ICP
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Pizza Playset
Kids love pizza and they’ll love the realistic sound this one makes when cut! Set includes 4 slices of pizza, pizza cutter and spatula.
Durable plastic
Item# MO-SPZ
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Musical Helicopter
Watch playtime take off with this large chunky helicopter! This deluxe toy puts little ones in the pilot’s seat as they push the buttons to beep the horn, play the music or activate roll-along movement. Propellers spin with realistic chopper sounds, the four colorful balls pop around and the headlights flash as it rolls along.
Batteries included, Durable plastic in “try-me” packaging, 18M+
Item# NA-MHE
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Chubby Friction Vehicles
This assortment of brightly colored dump trucks and cement mixers is great for early pretend play! The vehicles are sized perfectly for little hands to hold and roll while stimulating creative expression, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Each durable plastic vehicle measures 3 1/2 inches long and features a friendly driver and working dump beds for hours of imaginative play.
4 assorted styles, 12 to a display
Item# WT-CFV
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Magic Sketcher
Hours of fun will be had with this cool, magnetic sketchpad. The Magic Sketcher includes: magic pen, magic eraser and 2 fantastic shaped stampers. It travels well with its convenient carry handle.
Durable plastic
Item# MO-MS
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Mini Musical Instruments
Stimulate young minds and encourage creativity with these fun musical instruments. Each instrument measures 9 inches long and plays 3 different songs with buttons to push and colorful flashing lights. The Guitar features a fun whammy bar and the Banjo music speeds up or slows down depending on strumming speed.
Batteries included, durable plastic in “try-me” packaging, 18M
Item# MO-MMG - Guitar
Item# MO-MMB - Banjo
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Electronic Stage Microphone
Every child can be a star with this deluxe toy! The microphone has 3 foot pedals for applause, cheering and 3 different drum beat effects. It also features an adjustable stand and volume control.
Item# MO-EM
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Musical Animal Trains
These brightly colored trains feature dogs, ducks and cats and are a fun introduction to numbers, colors and shapes. Each train measures 5 inches long, has a flashing light and plays 10 familiar children’s songs.
Item# NA-MAT
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Musical Press 'n Go Vehicles
Little ones will love these big sturdy vehicles with press and go action! Each of the three vehicles are 7 inches long and feature realistic sounds, working headlights and play 15 familiar children’s songs.
Durable plastic in "try-me" packaging, 18M+
Item# NA-MPGL - Locomotive
Item# NA-MPGF - Fire Engine
Item# NA-MPGC - Race Car
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Bath Time Buddies
These colorful animal replicas are just the right size for little hands and are perfect for fun in the tub!
10 to a display, 5 1/2” long, 18M+
15 to a display, 3” long, 18M+
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Wind-Up Toys
These durable plastic wind-up toys are a blast both in and out of the bathtub!
"Try-me" packaging, 5 1/2" long
Item# NA-WFB - Fire Boat
Item# NA-WSB - Submarine
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