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Smithsonian E-Z Build 3D Puzzle Kits
We have partnered with the Smithsonian National Zoological Park on this new line of museum-quality 3D Puzzles featuring beloved zoo animals and marine life. These highly-detailed puzzles are made of durable plastic pieces that precisely interlock together to create stunning and sturdy replicas that can be played with or displayed. Both challenging and educational, these puzzles do not require paint or glue and feature educational information, including conservation status about each animal on the back of the package.
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Marble Run Playsets
Our Marble Run playsets can be built and rebuilt to make many challenging mazes for marbles. Children will love using their problem-solving skills to create different paths and labyrinths.
Durable plastic, colorful marbles included
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Paper Recycling Workshop
Kids learn how paper is recycled with this deluxe paper making workshop. This easy-to-use set includes molds to make fun shapes or kids can use their creativity by making their own unique designs. This deluxe kit turns recycling into a fun activity for kids and features an educational and informative booklet that teaches children why the concept of recycling is important for our environment.
Item# WT-PRW
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E-Z Crafts™ Paint-A-Bank Kits
These paint-your-own coin banks allow kids to develop their artistic skills while creating their very own keepsake! Each of these craft kits helps teach children about the value of saving money while encouraging them to use their imagination while learning to mix colors and customize their own unique designs. A perfect quick and easy project for rainy days! Sets come with everything that’s needed: a ceramic coin bank, set of six paints and an artist quality paint brush.
Each bank is approximately 5” long
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Cuddle Zoo® Plush Dinosaurs
Our CuddleZoo™ collection of lovable plush creatures are all made from super soft premium-quality material, have lots of fun realistic features and are irresistibly huggable! Children will love to cuddle them, parents will love their great value!
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Museum Quality Great Dinos
Stimulate creative play with these large, realistic dinosaur replicas! Each giant dinosaur is approximately 18 inches long and comes with a beautiful full color educational booklet featuring scientific data such as diet, distinguishing features, size and the time period in which it lived. Included in this new line are: Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Styracosaurus, Ceratosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus.

Kids will love to collect them, parents will love the educational value!
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Children love to explore and engage with the world around them, and our new line of Jr. Science Explorer™ products gives them the tools they need to satisfy their curiosity and quest for knowledge! Each one of these products comes with an educational experiment guide and all are specially designed to make scientific study exciting and interesting to children.
Volcanic Eruption Kit
This classic experiment lets kids have a blast simulating real volcanic eruptions! This kit also includes educational volcanic facts. Completely safe.
Item# WT-SVE
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Soda Powered Clock Kit
Kids will love building a clock that runs on soda! This electrolyte-powered digital clock is a fun experiment that teaches about electrical science yet is easy to put together.
Item# WT-SLC
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Crystal Growing Kit
This kit introduces young scientists to the world of crystals! The set includes a special crystal growing formula, pack of rocks, growing container with lid, magnifying glass, tweezers, goggles and instruction book. Sold in an assortment of four colors: purple, yellow, white and green
Item# WT-SCG
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Air Blast Rocket Kit
Kids will love using the power of compressed air to make this rocket soar! The rocket includes three rockets that feature soft foam tips for safety.
Item# WT-SRO
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Telescope Set 20x 30x 40x
nquisitive young astronomers and adults alike will enjoy investigating the universe with this durable, easy to use telescope. Great for both stargazing and nature watching this telescope is lightweight and simple to use and is perfect for on-the-go observation. This telescope features a 30mm objective lens, three powerful high-quality 20x, 30x, 40x magnification lenses and a table top tripod. Educational astronomy and solar system guide also included..
Item# WT-TST
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Microscope Set
Junior scientists will love to explore the hidden wonders of the microscopic world with this high-quality microscope set! Each set includes a microscope with three-lens turret for 100x, 200x and 450x magnification, 1 prepared slide, 4 blank slides, 5 cover slips, 2 collecting vials and more! An educational experiment guide featuring a variety of easy activities is included with each set, along with an observation worksheet so children can log their findings.
Item# WT-MS
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Pocket Spy Mini Listening Device
Junior spies everywhere will love the Pocket Spy Mini Listening Device! Amplifies sounds up to 25’ away and discreetly clips to belt or shirt pocket so kids can listen in on distant conversations without anyone knowing!
Batteries included, peggable
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Alien Spy Voice Messenger
Record your very own message that plays back when motion is detected! Our Alien Spy Voice Messenger is a blast, with three bendable legs and suction cup feet. Kids can use it anywhere!
  • Records messages up to 10 seconds long
  • Motion detector actives message
  • Customized message alerts to approaching intruders
  • Use Anywhere

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Space Shuttle Launch Center
Youngsters can simulate their own space shuttle blast-off with this deluxe playset! Our best selling Launch Complex 39 includes a large diecast metal replica of the space shuttle with retractable landing gear and bay doors that open to reveal a satellite. This Space Explorer™ playset combines fun with learning to get children excited about science and space. The set contains highly detailed, authentic space vehicles based on actual NASA designs! With removable solid rocket boosters and two realistic astronauts plus an authentic rolling launch pad this set is a true American classic. A beautiful 100 years of Rocketry Poster is included with each playset that spans the fascinating history of world rocketry and features a rocket comparison chart.
Item# IN-SHL
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InAir® E-Z Build™ Scale Model Kits
Our best selling model kits have been a favorite of collectors of all ages for years. The curators of the Smithsonian Institution have authenticated the details of each model in this collection which features famous American and foreign aircraft from World War II through the modern era. Educational collector!s cards included with each model kit teach the historic significance and list out the technical specifications of each aircraft. Other fine details include authentic full-color markings, retractable landing gear and display stands. Each kit comes with a screwdriver and everything else that!s needed for easy five-minute assembly.
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InAir® Legends of Flight™
Our Legends of Flight™ collection features famous and historically significant aircraft from World War II to today. All models come with display stands and educational collector’s cards that provide facts and statistics about each aircraft. Made of rugged diecast metal, these sturdy models are designed for hours of imaginative play, yet authentic enough adults will want to add them to their collection.
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Classic Train Set, 20-Piece
This is a great assortment of authentic battery-powered steam and diesel locomotives hauling a variety of cargo and passenger cars. Kids and train buffs alike will love the large, sturdy size of these trains as well as the realistic lights and sounds. Also included are the top ten railroading fun facts on back of packaging!
This deluxe train set includes either a steam or diesel locomotive, two cargo or passenger cars, pine trees and 16 sections of straight and curved track that can be used to make numerous layouts.
Item# WT-TR20
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Space Orbiter Backpack
Every young space enthusiast will love this perennial best selling backpack playset, which is loaded with high quality diecast metal and plastic toys. Includes a realistic playmat with educational information on back!
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Li’l Chugs Wooden Trains

All aboard — the Li’l Chugs Express has arrived! These trains are constructed of real wood and have magnetic connectors on the front and back to make it fun for kids to create many different combinations. Compatible with Thomas & Friends wooden train sets and Brio wooden train sets


Steam Locomotive and Tender Milk Freight Car
Item# WT-WT2PK Item# WT-WTF1
Log Freight Car Diesel Locomotive
Item# WT-WTF2 Item# WT-WTL1
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