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Jumbo Diecast Pullbacks
These large diecast metal and plastic pullbacks are sure to please both children and adults alike! Great value!
6-pc Display Tray
  AH-64 Apache B-2 Spirit
  8" long Includes lights and sounds, 10" wingspan
  Item# IN-TAH64 Item# IN-TB2
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  Blackhawk Helicopter E-2C Hawkeye
  Includes lights and sounds, 9" long 7" long
  Item# IN-TBHH Item# IN-TE2
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  F-14 Tomcat F-14 Tomcat
  Includes lights and sounds, 6" long 9" long
  Item# IN-TF14M Item# IN-TF14
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  F-16 Fighting Falcon Thunderbirds F-18 Hornet Blue Angels
  8" long 9" long
  Item# IN-TF16T Item# IN-TF18
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  F-22 Raptor P-38 Lightning
  8" long 7" long
  Item# IN-TF22 Item# IN-TP38
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  SR-71 Blackbird
  8" long
  Item# IN-TSR71
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Diecast Pullback Assortments
P-51 Mustang & P-47 Thunderbolt Assortment
8" long, 6-pc display tray
Item# IN-T5147
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Stealth Fighters Assortment
Assorted styles, 12-pc display tray, 5" long
Item# IN-TST
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Show Flight Biplane Pullbacks
12-pc display tray, 6" long
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Classic Wing Pullbacks
6-pc display tray, 6" long
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Jumbo Space Shuttle Pullbacks
Children will love these large, sturdy, diecast metal replicas of the historic Space Shuttle Orbiters. Each orbiter is 8 inches long and features pullback action and has realistic opening payload doors. Authentic markings.
6-pc display tray, 8" long
Item# IN-TSSA Space Shuttle Atlantis
Item# IN-TSSD Space Shuttle Discovery
Item# IN-TSSE Space Shuttle Endeavour
Item# IN-TSSEP Space Shuttle Enterprise
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Mini Diecast Pullbacks
Add more profits to your bottom line with our fish bowl displays of high quality diecast metal pullbacks! Put a few next to your register and watch them fly out the door!
  Chubby Airplane Pullbacks Chubby Helicopter Pullbacks
  12 assorted styles, diecast metal, 48 to a display, 2.5" long 4 assorted styles, diecast metal, 48 to a display, 2.5" long
  Item# WT-DMP Item# WT-DCGH
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